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The team moved fast and my rate was cheaper than anywhere else.
Judith B., Plaintiff

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What are your interest rates like?
Our mission is to provide the lowest cost pre-settlement loans in the industry, guaranteed.
What happens if I lose my lawsuit?
You don't have to pay us back. Our rates apply only if you win your case.
How big of a loan can I get?
The size of the loan we can offer depends entirely on the specifics of your case. In the past, we have offered loans anywhere as little as $500 and as much as $750,000.
Will my attorney be involved?
We only involve your attorney when we consult with them about the specifics of your case.
How will I get the money?
Within 24 hours, we wire transfer the loan to your bank account, mail a check, send a FedEx Overnight Check, or use Western Union. We'll do whichever you prefer.
Does my lawsuit type qualify?
We fund all manner of lawsuits including personal injuries, auto accidents, Uber and Lyft accident loans, and many more.
Does my state allow lawsuit loans?
All states allow lawsuit loans, but some states have certain regulations in place. If you would like more information on lawsuit loans in your state click here to see the different areas we serve.

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